More Holes Than Swiss Cheese

I’ve decided to actually use this blog as it allows me more creative freedom over blogging. So, this will be my first post over here on WordPress. 

I’ve started to tear apart my first book. The task was overwhelming, and I felt highly discouraged a week into the project. Who knew you could learn so much about the art of writing in a few short years?

I’d contemplated on many occasions to just put a match to the book, and pretend it never existed. I might have thought it was my gift to the reader world when I wrote it, but now…well I was wrong. In fact, I was so wrong that I owe every reader an apology for the assault on their eyes. 

Does this mean that I believe I should pack up my laptop, and go home? Not at all. As any artist does, we are constantly learning new techniques to apply. At the time I released Creatures, I did so having written it to the best of my ability. 

As I mentioned before, I have contemplated just dropping the whole series, pretending that I’d never written the book at all. Problem is, the characters and story line haunt me. I know where it goes. I know how it ends, and I want to share that with all of my readers, both old and hopefully new. 

I’ve been putting the second book together in the series, and I had to take a step back. Not only had my writing styles changed vastly over the nearly four years between books, but my knowledge had. I thought about releasing the second book regardless to allow my readers to see how far I’d come, but lets face it.  If I couldn’t read the first book, it certainly wasn’t the quality of work I wanted to be known for. 

I’m so glad that many readers love the story line, and characters within it. That they have chosen to overlook my unfortunate amateur style to live in Lynx’s world for a few hours. Still, to own my work, and be proud of what I’d created….it meant I needed to put forth a great product for my readers.

I know as authors we’re always constantly moving forward. Some works get left behind as we mature as artists, and others limp beside us. I’m ready to move forward within the DeWinter world, but to do so I must step back to correct the world building novel. I can assure you that I have the next three books already within my head, and it is well worth it to me to set Lynx on the path to greatness. If Creatures had merely been a stand alone book I would have removed it from shelves, and buried it in a closet, but it is a series. A series that I’m very passionate about.

So, I pulled it out of my archives. I opened up my Word documents, and I read. Oh, the horror. My eyes bled. Okay, not literally, but it was bad. I felt discouraged, horrified, embarrassed. This was the product that I’d presented to the world, and said here I am. *face palm*

After much contemplation I got to talking to a friend, one that has become very dear to my heart in a short amount of time. She’s allowed me to rant, and rave, practically crying on her shoulder with frustration. Once that was over she gave me gifts. Huge gifts, though I know she won’t see it as such.

She understood me as a person, encouraged me as a professional. And just when I thought I couldn’t receive any more, especially from someone I’ve never met in real life….she did more. She gave me the tools to increase my imagination, to assist in my rebuild, and to make me a better writer. 

I spent a few days playing around with the programs, getting to know them. I’m sure there is still a lot more to learn about them, and I will continue to do so. After that, I started plugging book information into Aeon Timelines, and Scrivener. I ran both programs on my computer at the same time, placing one on each screen. (yes, I have two on my desktop. I’m a gamer after all.) 

This is the work I’ve done on Aeon. Not much yet, though the program makes it easy to shift things around. I’ll be working on it more today, but I had to show you these amazing tools. 

Timeline Capture

It didn’t take long of starting to plug in information before I saw things that I’d never seen. At least not until I started plugging in meta data. 

HOLES, massive holes within the plot that entire planets could move through. I had been so busy letting my ego rule me, that I failed to realize how discombobulated the whole story was. These are holes that I never would have seen without these tools. 

Just when I didn’t think it could get worse either. I was inputting character setups, and information on the world Lynx lives in. Low and behold, more holes. These are huge character holes I found as I inputted the information into Scrivener. 

Scrivener Capture


Thanks to these two tools I can fix my book the way it was meant to be written. Fill in the plot, and character holes that I would never have found without them. 

Do you know what I discovered as I thought on these plot holes, and their repairs? I found more story. My imagination opened wide by having the visuals to work with. I was able to see the order to my world, and increase its depth.

I’m sure the book will not only increase in size, but it’ll make more sense in the end. I now have everything to give Lynx’s world a living, breathing feel to it. Plus, I haven’t even started working with two of the other tools, Blender and Scapple

So, to my dear friend, you know who you are. Thank you a million times over. Now I better get back to work. 

Dream on, and dream big 

One thought on “More Holes Than Swiss Cheese

  1. Reblogged this on quotidiandose and commented:
    My firend Misty is making some changes. As most creatives, she’s rather hard on herself. Trust me I’ve read her writing and it’s not nearly as bad as she makes it out to be. In fact I’m reading her latest, and begging for each new chapter. So – go – READ!


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