Plot Line, Series Line, and Mass Chaos

I’m running behind today, as I decided to sleep in. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get up as early to get started with my work, but alas it couldn’t be helped. My body must have needed it.

Yesterday, I found that I didn’t have as much visible work to accomplish as I wanted. Partly, due to the fact the newness of the programs is starting to wear off. It has now become a job once again, but that is okay. Writing should always be considered a job when it is what you want to do with your life. I know for a fact that some days it will be easier to sit down to the computer, and type. While other days it will be a struggle just to hit my marks.

I’ve accepted this, and while I didn’t get much visible work out, I did get work. I now have the plot line for the book down to map out on Aeon as well as Scrivener, along with a more solid series line. 

Already this morning I’ve dug into the work of mapping out characters. It will allow me to progress the story line in the hopes of pulling the reader more into the world. I’ve got an amazing book cover ready to go for it. 

If you’re looking for super affordable book covers, while still ensuring top quality I would suggest Double J Book Graphics. Not only are the covers amazing, and affordable, but she will work with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the cover.

Now, it’s just a matter of getting the product to place inside of the cover. That will come in time, but first I must put forth the work to ensure that the setup is ready to go. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

As much as I loved the ability to just dive into a story as a pantser. I found that I wrote myself into corners or grew bored with a story in the middle. Plotting has been a gift. Yes, it takes more time to get to actually writing the story, but I won’t be writing myself into corners. 

I find it best for me personally to have a strategy. I’ll take the hard work, and dedication to get to the point of writing. In the end it will show how much work I’ve put into it. 

Time to get back to work for me.

Dream on, and Dream big, my friends.

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