Monday Madness

Good morning, readers! It’s Monday. I hear the grumbles from the crowd all ready at that. 

While the world despises Monday’s I rejoice in them. Or at least I do this Monday. It is the beginning of a brand new week. A brand new chance to spend days chasing those dreams. We can reach for those goals, and dreams easier by putting last week where it belongs. All the rough days, and head scratching as we stare at blank screens, just leave it behind. 

Drink a cup of coffee, listen to upbeat music that puts you in a great mood. Or even listen to inspiring music. 

Once you have that cup down, get a fresh cup. Before you ask, yes, I live off coffee like a diet while I’m writing. Tons of the stuff every day. It might be recommended not to drink it during my diet, but oh well. You cannot take the coffee out of the writer. That is not a good thing. 

Anyway, I digress. 

Put yourself in a positive train of thought. Set up big term goals, or small term goals for the week, and conquer.

Just remember as submission calls pop up, novel ideas dive in, and you want to accomplish it all….

Any word count a day, even a few hundred….it’s progress forward, and to be proud of it. You hear the saying all of the time. Don’t compare yourself to other writers. I think it’s safe to say don’t even compare yourself to the way you wrote one book. Some books just come easier than others. 

So buckle yourself down, put on that writing hat, and bleed into your work in progress. (figuratively, let’s not be disgusting or suicidal. I’ve lost way too many author friends recently).

As for me. It’s a fresh cup of coffee, and into the WIP for me. My main character is preparing to face many trials for the day.

Dream on, and dream big, my friends.


13 thoughts on “Monday Madness

    • Thank you, Kevin. I’m working hard over here, and I have a lot of great things coming up. I can’t wait until I have more to share with everyone here on the blog.


  1. Reblogged this on Tricia Drammeh and commented:
    I just had to share this inspirational post from Misty Harvey. There’s some great advice here. Don’t compare yourself to other writers. Don’t compare your progress on your current WIP with your first book. Just write and celebrate your accomplishments.

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  2. I look at Mondays the same way, but this evening I’ve been feeling a little demoralised as my WIP is in need of a lot of first aid but this post has fired me up and I’m looking forward to getting cracking on it again tomorrow evening 🙂

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  3. Trying to keep up that attitude but it’s hard when instead of writing I’m at the day job. But got a plan in place to leave soon. So I’ll be right there with you downing coffee all day and writing.


    • Having a day job can be cumbersome when we want to write, but bills need to be paid. Try taking a notebook and pen with you to work. On breaks or lunch jot down little notes for people or book ideas inside. You can even write out bits of scenes to be typed when you get home.


    • The holidays are definitely fun, but I’m looking forward to school time again. It starts tomorrow here, which means I can get back on a regular schedule. I hope. That is the goal anyway. 🙂


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