Inner Voice

Hello once again, my amazing readers.

This weekend was sort of a bust on the writing front. That’s alright though. I’m still sitting at a good number for the start of the week, 14k. I’ll take that, and I’ll increase it by this coming weekend by quite a bit more.

I’m also sitting at that point where I start to second guess my project. Ah, that glorious voice has awaken, whispering my ear.

This is crap. Your characters aren’t strong enough. The story line is weak. You should junk it. This isn’t needed, it’ll just turn out like all your other endeavors.

I’m sure many of you creative types have been through it. This is the exact spot where you stand, and ponder. Do you gear up, and continue the battle? Or do you turn tail and quit? We all face this spot from time to time. It’s the point where the story is no longer fun, or a toy. It also tends to be where the plot thickens, where the characters face challenges, just as you are.

Question is are you going to see them through the turmoil, or are you going to cave?

I have countless half finished projects that usually face the ‘not right now’ pile of finishing. They range from about 15k to 25k. That tends to be my rough spot, and where the inner voice kicks in. There have been many a time that I’ve listened to the voice and thrown them into that file folder.

I lick my wounds with a I’m not ready to write that one. I don’t know enough to finish this one yet, but I’ll come back to it. Or I’m saving myself from wasting my own time.

Oh yes, I’ve used about every comforting crap thought I could. The fact is…I chickened out. I’m great at starting projects, I struggle to finish them. I’d rather face a thousand editing pieces, that muddle through the center of a book….

Ah…yes, it took me years to find that little quirk or fault in myself. Now I have my eye on it I will be pushing through. It’s time to change some habits and finish what I start.

Here’s to telling that Inner voice to bug off, and completing work. We’re getting into the sticky of the plot. Now it’s time to settle into work.

Remember L.O.L. my friends. (Live it – Own it – Love it).


9 thoughts on “Inner Voice

      • Oh yes, I have been there. It’s hard to do, but you have to step back and give yourself permission for your first draft to suck. That’s what editing is for. First drafts are for word vomit, and skeletal plots. It’s all the edits after that flesh the whole thing out.


  1. Another great post, Misty. I have troubles with “middles” and a chatty inner voice that taunts me and encourages me to give up. I have unfinished projects ranging in word counts between 15,000 and 30,000. I’m determined to finish them all, and though it will take time, there is a huge amount of satisfaction that comes with finishing what you start. Even if the finished product is less than perfect. First drafts will (and should) suck. A sucky completed manuscript is better than a technically perfect unfinished one. You can always fix your manuscript during edits.


  2. Gosh, you are all so tough on yourselves! Tricia said it best, “first drafts should suck!” Never give up. When your voice tells you the characters aren’t strong enough, or this or that part should be thrown out, go back and leave a note for editing later. “Not strong enough” or “does this scene contribute to moving the book forward?” You can delete it later, or more often, polish that particular part, or character… later! Often you will know your character(s) much better AFTER you have written the book. You will also have a better picture of the plot, and the scenes that lead up to the big finish. This is when you have the WHOLE picture! This is when you go back to those notes that you left (and it is important to leave those notes so you can clear your thoughts) and make those moments shine.
    I use “side notes: in MS word for these things. You can use whatever method works best for you. The important thing is to validate that inner voice, and what its saying. Don’t mistake the inner voice criticism for inner voice creativity.
    Of course “It’s not good enough”…. until it is.
    All my best to all of you. As always, Misty, I enjoyed this post as well as the after comments.


  3. Alrighty girlfriend – you and me, we need to talk. Once again the soul sista connection is strong with this one! First draft – free write! Do it! Tell the voices to shut up – lalalallalal I won’t listen to you. All first drafts are crap, but hidden inside are the gems. Once we get the draft down onto the paper – despite the voices – we can scrape off the dirt and grime and polish the gems. Why do you think those voices are so adament? Because they know you have it in you to succeed and rock the writing world! NOW – tell the voices to shut the f*** up and write like the wind! I love your line – L.O.L. my friends. (Live it – Own it – Love it). I may borrow that – will give you creds of course!


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