Hello my valiant readers. I’m going to deviate from the norm again today.

Not many of you know that the hubby man and myself have been on a ketogenic lifestyle for the last five months. What does that mean? No starches, sugar, bread or anything of the such.

I’ll admit I struggled with this healthy eating for awhile in the beginning. Starches and sugar was my life. No I wasn’t a chocolate fiend or anything, but I loved sugar in my coffee. The change from regular sugar to splenda was a hard one for me to adjust to. As for starches and bread. I love potatoes and rolls. Again, that was a hard hit for me. I figured it was a small price to pay when meat was so highly recommended. I am a carnivore. So, I jumped in with both feet.

Wow did it suck to begin with. I wanted to beat up anyone for looking at me cross eyed. My energy depletion found me napping most days in that first two weeks.

However, my body has finally learned to adjust to these changes. It’s been a steady weight loss for us both. The changes within our bodies both clothes fitting, and inches lost is massive.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is after a month on this healthy eating you discover that you repeat foods. It gets…mundane and lack luster fast. So, the hubby man changed up the way we ate spaghetti squash leftovers.

Often times we have the leftovers due to the fact that we can only eat so much, and our kids….well they aren’t particularly fond of the vegetable. This time the hubby man decided to create hashbrowns out of the leftover.

Spaghetti Squash Hashbrowns

He melted a pad of real butter in the pan, mixed in seasonings, patted the squash into patties and tossed it into the butter until it browned on one side, flipped it over and did the same.

Oh my goodness, let me tell you it’s really good. I’m addicted to these things. As a special treat he makes breakfast out of it by placing a patty of squashbrowns on the bottom, a layer of eggs on top, and then a burger on that. It’s a high protein meal and often times you will have leftovers from that as well for breakfast the next morning due to it being so filling.

As for now, back to work for me.

L.O.L. (Live it – Own it – Love it)